Message from CAS

Corporate Allocation Services, Inc. focuses on service, quality, timeliness, and competitiveness. We solicit customer performance evaluations and use them to measure the effectiveness of our business processes. One of our distinguishing characteristics is our tenacity to understand and support our customer’s objectives. We strive to respond to current requirements as well as anticipate future needs.

Corporate Allocation Services, Inc. creates value by knowing our customers, understanding the work scope, communicating expectations to employees, fostering open communication, and driving performance through leadership.

We believe high ethical standards are essential and expected in the drive to achieving individual and corporate excellence. Because our services are information intensive, I expect the highest level of ethical responsibility from employees to ensure protection of private, privileged, and proprietary data.

We are committed to the success of Corporate Allocation Services, Inc. and our customers' missions. Our focus is on ensuring balance between customers, employees, and corporate management.



"CAS consistently meets or exceeds our expectations... is very cost effective in performing work... and is very effective in meeting our demands." - Deputy Project Manager Security & Special Nuclear Material